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Employment is on a casual 7 days per week basis and is available from late September to early December. If you are not willing to work 7 days per week do not apply.


Asparagus is harvested manually using a long handled knife. Start time is as early as 2.00am and should be finished by midday. Each field is harvested daily by a team of employees working co-operatively as a group.

Applications can only be accepted on a team basis. Experience preferred.

Harvesting is demanding, exhausting work performed in all weather, hot, cold, windy, dusty, rain, hail and shine.

To apply for a harvesting position click here to download an application form.


Post harvest processing work involves washing, grading, bundling, packing and storage. Experience is an advantage but not required.

Process work is highly repetitive, demanding concentration on a single task for extended periods.

Supervisors should have experience with quality assurance record keeping.

To apply for a processing position click here to download an application form.