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AUSTPARAGUS Fresh Premium Quality Australian Export Asparagus

The Australian lifestyle and especially the way that we enjoy our food are determined by our surroundings.

Australia is home to magnificent coastlines and superb hinterlands. What we eat is characterised by our abundance of fresh seasonal food. Whether from the oceans or the land, Australia's clean green quality standards lead the world in producing the highest quality products available.

asparagusWHO WE ARE

AUSTPARAGUS markets and distributes premium quality, world class Fresh Australian Asparagus. The worlds most quality conscious produce traders make AUSTPARAGUS their first choice. Back to top

asparagusWHERE WE ARE

AUSTPARAGUS is situated on the Northern shore of Westernport Bay, on the border of the UNESCO designated Mornington Peninsula and Westernport Biosphere Reserve. An area recognised as one of the most ecologically and biologically diverse regions in the state of Victoria. Back to top

asparagusOUR REGION

The temperate climate of the region is controlled by the fresh chilling weather from the seas of Bass Strait and the Southern Ocean, and the arid climate of inland Australia to the north.


This climate supports a wide variety of agricultural and horticultural industries. They produce enticing value added gourmet farmhouse products including asparagus, cheeses, honey and wines, that are increasingly being hailed as the best in the world. Back to top

A further feature of this region is the abundance of tourist attractions.

asparagusasparagusThe international tourist destination of Phillip Island is just a few minutes away. Its penguin parade is viewed annually by millions. The penguins feed in the southern seas and can be seen nightly as they return home to feed their chicks. Seal colonies exist on the westernmost point of the island, and can be viewed from a special viewing outpost.

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